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These Geometric Boxes are available in fourshapes :-

Triangle, Square , Pentagon and Hexagon.


There are also two types :-

Solid wood boxes with solid wood top (angled sides and lid)

Sizes :-   Triangle 195mm along sides 65mm high

               Square  150mm along sides 65mm high

Solid Ash boxes with a veneered/marquetry top

(flat sides and flat tops)

Sizes :-  Triangle   170mm along sides 77mm high

             Square     125mm along sides 77mm high

             Pentagon   90mm along sides 77mm high

             Hexagon    80mm along sides 77mm high


All the boxes are in a variety of woods and veneers, examples of which are shown below.





Geo Boxes


Four-Shapes-2 Pentagons-1 Squares-3 Triangles-1 Triangles-3 Four-Shapes-1 Hexagon-2 Ash-Triangle-2 Pentagon-1 Square-2 Hexagon-1 Ash-Triangle-1 Ash-Triangle-3 Square-1 Pentagon-2 Mix-Lids-1 Triangle-Solid-2 Ash-Triangle-4 Square-solid-2 Square-solid-1 Pentagon-4 Pentagon-3jpg Triangle-Solid-3 Triangle-Solid-4 Triangle-Solid-9 - Copy Triangle-Solid-5 Triangle-Solid-6 - Copy Triangle-Solid-7 - Copy Triangle-Solid-8 - Copy Squares-2 Triangles-2 221-(5)-copy Four-Square Boxes-open Hexagon-3