Furniture Designers & Makers


These boxes are made to order and are designed to the

specific requirements of the person for whom the box is for. As you can see from the examples shown the outside designs can be quite varied, with the insides  having a jewellery/writing box arrangement.   P.O.A.




Bespoke Boxes


Compass-Box-1 Compass-Box-2 Lattice-Box-Massur-Birch-1 Lattice-Box-Massur-Birch-2 Map-Box-1 Map-Box-5 Map-Box-3 Map-Box-4 Map-Box-2 Venice-4 Venice-1 Venice-3 Venice-8 Venice-2 Venice-Arch-2 Venice-Arch-1 Venice-Arch-3 Walnut-Lattice-2 Walnut-Lattice-1 Walnut-Lattice-3 Walnut-Lattice-4 Jewel-Box-1 Jewellery-Box-2 Jewel-Box-3